Our Products – Sun Blinds & Screens for all Types of Commercial & Passenger Vehicles



  • All of our blinds offer great protection from the suns glare. They’re durable, easy to clean and can be fitted into any commercial vehicle.
  • We’ve been making interior blinds for commercial vehicles for over 15 years. We use the highest quality materials and each one passes stringent testing once it comes off the assembly line so you can be sure a Temple’s blind will offers many years of reliable service

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you will be dazzled by the quality of our design and manufacture - vehicle blinds

Types of Construction

Closed cassette wide vehicle blind

Closed Cassette Blinds

Especially designed to span the width of windows up 2000mm, our Closed Cassette design offers rigidity and durability. Manufactured to the highest standards this style is the top selling vehicle blind in our range

fast retract pull chord blind

Fast Retract Pull-Cord Blinds

The Fast Retract features a closed cassette design with the addition of a pull cord and spring loaded retraction mechanism.

Open cassette budget vehicle blind

Open Blinds

If economy is what you need you’ll find few more cost effective options than our Open Vehicle blind. The compact design makes it ideal for tigh or narrow spaces.


Lazy Tong

Offered as an option on all but our Fast Retract blinds is the Lazy Tong. When fitted the Lazy Tong helps to increase the rigidity of the screen itself and holds in position. This is a particularly useful feature for wider blinds


As well as a choice of construction and design, we also offer a choice of materials for the sun screen it’s self. For black-out blinds we use our heavy, hard wearing woven PVC laminate and for opaque blinds we use a perforated mesh for the screen.


Our woven PVC laminate is our hardest wearing blind and our most popular too. Available in a range of different colours this material completely blocks not just glare but also UV rays – a common cause of skin cancer. Complete protection and long term health benefits.


Our perforated mesh is strong, light-weight & durable. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and the opaque mesh while protecting against glare, still offers a degree of visibility. It’s the perfect material for potentially hazardous situations so making it ideal for screening operatives of plant & farming machinery.


Our heavy PVC flexi sheets are most commonly requested by customers wanting black-out blinds for sleeping areas. It’s easy to keep clean and non-porous so it doesn’t absorb smells and odors.


colourful vehicle blinds

Whichever type of construction and material or construction you choose, you’ll also have a choice of colours. We offer you the choice so your blinds suit your cabin space of vehicle livery.

Optional Extras

screen printed and embroidered commercial vehicle blinds

As an extra service we can also offer in house screen printing and embroidery. This is a special feature we believe is unique to Temple’s. Please contact us directly if you require screen printed and embroidered vehicle blinds

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